For HPC Cobra & Raven


No backups of user files are done on the High Performance Computers ‘cobra’ and ‘raven’. To protect your data, keep an additional copy of all important data on another system, e.g. in your AFS volume.


The recommended method for archiving data for long-term storage from the High Performance Computers ‘cobra’ and ‘raven’ is to use the migrating filesystem /r. (For information about archiving data with TSM, please see the next section.)

Data written to /r will automatically be moved from disk to tape to free space on disk when necessary or back from tape to disk when needed again by the users.

Please try to keep the size of files stored on the /r filesystem within a range of about 1 GB to about 1 TB (one gigabyte to one terabyte).

More details about archiving data and reading data back.

TSM archives

Archiving data using TSM will not be supported in the next future. Please use the migrating filesystem /r as described above.

If you have already archived data with TSM in the past, it will be automatically transferred to /r. You will be informed by e-mail when the transfer of your archives gets started and when it finishes.