DataShare: An Introduction

MPCDF DataShare Service


Before you can use the MPCDF DataShare service, you have to opt-in for it at the MPCDF SelfService:

Log in with your MPCDF account and go to “My account / Services” to opt-in for DataShare.

Further information about the SelfService can be found on its Help page. At the Selfservice, you can also subscribe for other MPCDF services like GitLab.

NOTE: After opt in, is can take up to 20 minutes until the accounts are created in the services and you can log in to DataShare!

First Login

After you have opted in for the service, you can log in to DataShare:

On the first login, a “getting started” page will be displayed with links to download the optional desktop- and mobile clients as well as a link to further documentation.

You can use those clients to synchronize a folder on your local machine with data on the DataShare server.

Alternatively, after closing the welcome message, you can create new documents directly in the web interface by clicking on the “Plus” sign, or upload files from your machine via drag&drop.

If you want to access this information at a later time, you can also find it on the “Settings” page that can be accessed by clicking on your name on the top right of the page.

Please note that the linked generic ownCloud documentation also describes some features like the address book which are currently not available on the DataShare service.

Sharing Data

At any time, you can share files with other DataShare users. If you want to share data with external, non-MPCDF users via DataShare, you can invite them via email from the MPCDF SelfService where you have opted in for DataShare.

External users will see the message “Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore” in their DataShare account. This is because external users have no storage quota. However, they will still be able to upload files into directories you or other DatShare users with fully qualified accounts have shared with them. In this case, the data will count towards your own quota.

If you want to share a file only once with an external user, there is also the possibility to share a file or folder in DataShare just via a link.