Application Support for HPC, AI and HPDA

The MPCDF provides consulting and dedicated high-level support for the development, optimization, analysis and visualization of high-performance-computing (HPC), high-performance data-analytics (HPDA) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. This comprises the development and optimization of codes in collaboration with Max Planck scientists, scientific visualization of data from simulations and experiments, and technical consulting, e.g. on programming techniques and models such as the use of hardware accelerators (e.g. GPUs).

A number of ongoing code-development and optimization projects and long-term collaborations with Max-Planck scientists can be found at the HPC applications division pages and at the AI & HPDA division pages

Concerning requests for dedicated project support please contact M. Rampp(HPC), K. Reuter(HPC) or A. Marek(AI&HPDA)

In case of issues with HPC applications or systems please check the FAQ first for potential solutions that are already documented. As a second step inquiries may be directed to the MPCDF helpdesk.