Desktop and mobile clients for the DataShare service

Desktop and mobile clients for the DataShare service are available for a variety of platforms.

Desktop clients

The branded “MPCDF DataShare” desktop clients are planned to be discontinued in 2023.

For new installations, users are advised to use the generic ownCloud client.
it works well with DataShare when specifying “” as the server address.

Mobile Clients

The branded “MPCDF DataShare” app for Android has been discontinued.

The generic ownCloud clients for Android and iOS meanwhile work very well with DataShare, just use “” as the server address.

Third-party WebDAV clients

Various third-party WebDAV clients are available and often natively integrated into the operating system.

Some work better than others, especially the integrated Windows WebDAV client has some known problems.

For more information, refer to:

To avoid saving your MPCDF password on the device, please use app passwords: