Service: Data Repositories

For data publishing, the MPCDF recommends a CKAN-based data repository. CKAN is a software framework which allows to manage metadata as well as object data. Beside a web-based interface, CKAN offers a REST API for automation of common workflows.

CKAN instances at the MPCDF are meant for Max Planck Institutes, groups or projects and not for individual users.

If you are interested in running a CKAN instance at the MPCDF, please contact us (


While establishing a CKAN instance, the MPCDF will support you in the following ways:

  • Generic CKAN support

  • First installation on an Ubuntu based VM

  • Support for the following plugins:

    • Hierarchical structures in CKAN organisations

    • Creation of individual metadata schemata

    • DOI support via the MPDL’s DOI server

  • Maintenance and update of the basic installation

Data Storage Integration

While CKAN will store your metadata, the underlying object data does not need to be saved directly in CKAN. The graphic below gives an overview about how the heterogenous storage lanscape of MPCDF can be integrated or referenced via CKAN.

Storage systmes