Store (AFS)

Main storage systems - AFS

Introduction to AFS

AFS is one of the main networked file-system at MPCDF.

AFS is a distributed, global file-system. Given proper internet access you are able to use it wherever you are: at Garching, at home or somewhere in the world, e.g. on a conference.

Its most prominent feature for the user is the global namespace.
That means, independent of the computer you are using, you can access your files

on UNIX under /afs/

In Windows, UNC-pathes are used: \\AFS\\, some pathes may be mapped to a network-drive on your desktop,

such as Y: \\afs\\ and H: to your home-directory.

Your data is being protected by Kerberos 5. That way you can access only data your are authorized to and also authorize other people to your data.

Further details regarding AFS are available in the following subsections

Read more on the technical details of AFS,
or the IPP-specific points about it.