TSM backups of AFS volumes

Backups of AFS volumes

  • Which volumes: all AFS volumes are examined every night (with ‘vos examine’) and, if they have been modified, a backup is done.

  • Permissions: for the backup to succeed, the data must be readable by the special user afsbackup (ACL: ‘afsbackup rl’), so make sure not to delete that ACL is you care about backups.

  • Retention period: for files which are still present on the AFS volume, all versions of the last 60 days are kept in the backup. In addition, for a file which has been deleted from the AFS volume, the last version is kept in the backup for 2 years.

  • Access: in order to access the backups of your AFS volumes, you must log in to a Linux machine with AFS. Most IPP users can login to machine

  • Check last backup: once you are logged in to a Linux machine with AFS and you have an AFS token, use this command to check when the last backup of your AFS Home Volume was done:
    /afs/ipp/@sys/bin/adsm showlast
    Or use this command to see the logfile of the last backup:
    /afs/ipp/@sys/bin/adsm showlog

  • Restore: to recover files from the backup, follow these steps.

  • Foreign volumes: if you need to recover files from a volume which is not your AFS Home volume, please contact the helpdesk.